Worldwide Pinhole Day

by Photo Life


© Scott Linstead

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day (WPPD) is April 26! Photographers all over the world are invited to make a pinhole photograph on that day to celebrate lens-less photography. You can scan and upload the image to a gallery on the WPPD website, if you want!

If you’d like to try making a pinhole body cap for your digital camera and you’re a print subscriber, check out our April/May 2016 issue in the digital archives. In it, Scott Linstead shared about his experience making a pinhole body cap for a digital camera. Of course, you can always take the traditional pinhole-camera approach, build one with an egg, or—if you don’t want to make anything at all—buy one of Rising’s adapters.

For more information on how pinhole cameras (and camera obscuras) work, check out this short video by Khan Academy.


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