Fujifilm Canada Announces the Launch of Print Life the Movement

by Photo Life

Press release from Fujifilm Canada

A campaign to deliver inspiration and education to Canadian consumers on all aspects of printing their digital images.

FUJIFILM Canada, Inc. has announced the launch of the Fujifilm Print Life Movement. The Fujifilm Print Life Movement and the new Fujifilm Print Life website will utilize mostly video format to deliver the education and inspiration that consumers need to start their own “Print Life.” The time is right.

It is estimated that some 1.5 trillion photos will be taken worldwide in 2018 and yet most consumers will print very few of these or in some cases not print them at all. “Our research findings indicate that while consumers want to print their photos, many struggle with organizing digital archives from various devices, lack knowledge of printing options available and worry their photos will be lost someday,” says Greg Poole, VP & GM, Photo Imaging Division. “Fujifilm is launching the Print Life Movement to provide the critical information and assistance consumers require to help organize, archive, share and preserve their precious memories for generations to come.”

Fujifilm Print Life, something for everyone.
Print Life is a movement designed to inspire, educate and create awareness for consumers to print and create more with their digital photos. Fujifilm Print Life will benefit everyone including new parents, families, travelers, DIY and crafters, brides/grooms, students and grandparents. Our goal for the website is to develop a community that offers a “two-way street” of communication ensuring that consumers have easy access to helpful content.
How does it work? The Fujifilm Print Life website offers a world of helpful and inspiring videos designed to help consumers learn about all the various ways to print and share their photographs. Once consumers feel comfortable, they can simply click the “order now” button to be directed to a number of different retail partner options and choose their preference.

What we learned from instax.
In 2002, the photo printing market experienced a decline even while the number of photos being taken increased rapidly with the advent of affordable digital cameras and smartphones. Children grew up seeing their photos on a screen and these same young people are the generation that gravitated in huge numbers to Fujifilm’s instax instant cameras. “We’ve learned that this generation truly values a tangible printed product even though they were born in the digital age,” says Helen Hayter, Brand Manager, Imaging Products.

A Photo Renaissance.
In February 2014, Fujifilm opened the first Wonder Photo Shop in Tokyo and has since opened stores in a number of countries that help the younger generation learn about printing in a fun and creative way. Fujifilm introduced a new way of enjoying photographs in the smartphone era and helped to educate today’s young consumers on the value of photo printing. In 2016, Fujifilm Canada opened a hybrid version of the Wonder Photo Shop in Toronto, Annex Photo. Fujifilm has used Wonder Photo Shop to research the habits of young people in different countries to develop tactics for a much wider audience.

What’s the message?
Printing your digital photographs is:
1. IMPORTANT – Printing photos is the best way to ensure they will be here to view for generations to come. Print your Life, Live Forever!
2. FUN – Photo printing project bring your images to life. It’s FUN. Print your Life, Enjoy it!
3. REWARDING – Photo gifts are more personal and thoughtful than the other types of gifts. Print your Life, Be a Hero!

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