Land Use: A Group Photo Exhibition in Toronto

by Photo Life

Forks of Rouge River and Little Rouge Creek, Rouge Park, 2015 © Robert Burley / courtesy Stephen Bulger Gallery

From July 21 through September 8, Stephen Bulger Gallery in Toronto is presenting Land Use. Focusing of the work of artists who explore nature in their images, this group exhibition features the work of Robert Burley, Dana Fritz, Geoffrey James, and Jamey Stillings. The photographers diverse approaches to natural and urban landscapes complement each other and allow the view to reflect on our connection to the world around us.

Robert Burley has sought to describe and interpret the built environment in which he lives. His work often explores the transition between city and country through projects such as ORD: O’Hare Airfield, Viewing Olmsted, Great Lakes and An Enduring Wilderness. He has also photographed urban spaces and structures through commissioned and self-directed projects that include: Disappearance of Darkness, The New Suburb, Instruments of Faith, House/Home, and The Places of Glenn Gould.

Painted Leaves and Dripping Moss, Lied Jungle, 2007 © Dana Fritz / courtesy Stephen Bulger Gallery

Dana Fritz investigates the ways we shape and represent the natural world in cultivated and constructed landscapes. She is a Professor in the School of Art, Art History & Design at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Fritz’s work has been exhibited in over 60 venues in the last decade and is included in collections around the world.

Lethbridge, A Better Way of Life, 1999 © Geoffrey James / courtesy Stephen Bulger Gallery

Geoffrey James was born in Wales in 1942, read Modern History at Wadham College, completed his BA and MA at Oxford and emigrated to Canada in 1966. A self-taught photographer, he is the author or subject of more than a dozen books and monographs and is represented in major collections internationally. He lives in Toronto, where he has been named the city’s first Photo Laureate.

#10768, 25 June 2013 © Jamey Stillings / courtesy Stephen Bulger Gallery

A passionate interest and curiosity about world cultures, technology, and the environment are guiding forces in Jamey Stilling’s photography and life. In both assignment and personal project work he draws on a diverse range of photographic skills and over thirty years of national and international experience. From shooting documentary work to creating highly produced conceptual imagery, Stillings strives for well-executed productions, paired with an approach that is open to both the planned and the unexpected.

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