Suggested Reading for Photography Buffs: Summer 2018 (Part 3)

by Photo Life

Fred Herzog: Modern Color by Fred Herzog

Fred Herzog: Modern Color
by Fred Herzog
Hatje Cantz, $45, 319 pages, hard cover
Gorgeous and thoughtfully planned from cover to cover, Fred Herzog: Modern Color showcases the legendary Vancouver photographer’s colour and black-and-white images. The most complete collection of Herzog’s photography to date, Modern Color would be a beautiful addition to any photo-book collection—and it’s an absolute necessity for any admirer of Herzog’s work.

An Enduring Wilderness: Toronto’s Natural Parklands

An Enduring Wilderness: Toronto’s Natural Parklands
by Robert Burley

ECW Press, $49.95, 264 pages, hard cover
Through getting lost (literally) while making photographs in a park about a mile from his home, Robert Burley found his next photo project: the Toronto parkland system. Burley spent the next four years exploring the magic of city’s ravines, beaches, waterfronts, trails and parks. More than a beautifully done documentary work, An Enduring Wilderness is a gentle reminder of our need to experience the remoteness and disconnection (or reconnection?) that nature offers us, just outside our door.

The Nordic Cookbook and Nordic: A Photographic Essay of Landscapes, Food and People by Magnus Nilsson

The Nordic Cookbook
by Magnus Nilsson

Phaidon, $60, 768 pages, hard cover
If you want the definitive book on Scandinavian cuisine, The Nordic Cookbook is it. Renowned Swedish chef Magnus Nilsson has created a jaw-dropping (and mouth-watering) resource with over 700 recipes from Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland and Norway. Nilsson spent two years researching and creating this beautiful, comprehensive opus—and he photographed the people and landscapes he encountered along the way. His gorgeous images and texts (along with Erik Olsson’s excellent food photography) make The Nordic Cookbook delightful to read and use.

And since it is a cookbook after all, I tested out the recipe for potetlefse, one of my favourite snacks during my years living in Norway. Similar to a crêpe or tortilla, this flat bread is made from potatoes and flour. I was sure it couldn’t possibly turn out to be quite as tasty as what I remembered eating in Norway, but my first bite into the resulting potetlefse—eaten warm with butter and sugar, folded not rolled—was a delicious Proustian experience. I made two batches within three days, and I’m already eager to make more. But how am I ever going to make it through even a portion of the other 699 recipes if I can’t stop myself from making potetlefse?!

Nordic: A Photographic Essay of Landscapes, Food and People
by Magnus Nilsson

Phaidon, $35, 128 pages, hard cover
A companion book to The Nordic Cookbook, Nordic is a collection of Magnus Nilsson’s images, stories and reflections on the food culture of Scandinavia. It’s a bit like a behind-the-scenes glimpse into his experience researching and creating the cookbook. There’s even a fun explanation of how to toast (skoal) like a Swede—and this will probably come in handy because after reading these books, you’ll be searching for a plane ticket to Scandinavia!

Freeze Frame: Second Cut

Freeze Frame: Second Cut
by Douglas Kirkland

Glitterati Incorporated, US$125, 368 pages, hard cover
Freeze Frame: Second Cut, the 10th anniversary expanded edition of Freeze Frame, showcases iconic images that Douglas Kirkland has made over his 60-year career photographing the stars. This large-format retrospective will wow viewers with shots and stories from the renowned photographer’s experiences on movie sets and photos shoots. This rather impressive chronicle of Kirkland’s career (and also a good part of film history) would be much appreciated by his fans and film aficionados too!

Read This If You Want to Be Instagram Famous.

Read This If You Want to Be Instagram Famous.
edited by Henry Carroll

Laurence King Publishing, $18.50, 128 pages, soft cover
Are you on Instagram? If so—and even if you don’t care about being “Instagram famous”—this book is full of ideas and tips for improving your images and feed. In each two-page chapter, a prominent Instagrammer covers one subject (like “Mastering the Still Life” or “Find Your Own Style”) and shares an illustrative image. If you’re trying to up your Instagram game (or if you know someone who is), this book would be a great start! Plus it’s the perfect size to tuck into your bag to have fun reading material on hand.

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