Willard Sterling Boyle & the CCD Sensor

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Willard Sterling Boyle

Canadian physicist Willard Sterling Boyle (August 19, 1924–May 7, 2011) was known as a pioneer in laser technology. He and George E. Smith co-invented the charge-coupled device (CCD), an image sensor used in digital imaging. Though born in Nova Scotia, Boyle was raised in Quebec. His studies at McGill University were interrupted by the Second World War, during which he served in the Royal Canadian Navy. Boyle later returned to McGill to complete his bachelor’s degree, which he followed with a master’s and doctorate. He spent much of his distinguished science career working at Bell Labs. Boyle and Don Nelson created the first continuously operating ruby laser. Boyle also worked with the Apollo space program, helping select lunar landing sites. His co-invention of the CCD was honoured with numerous awards, including the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willard_Boyle

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