The Sisters Project

by Photo Life

@ Alia Youssef

Ryerson Image Centre in Toronto is presenting Alia Youssef’s The Sisters Project from September 12 to October 14, a photographic series of Canadian Muslim women. The artist explained, “I want to counter the idea that we can be painted with one brush. Instead, I want to humanize these women and tell the diverse stories of their everyday lives. Whether she is a kinesiology student considering medical school, an ESL teacher who eases new immigrants into Canadian life, or the program manager at Ecotrust, working tirelessly to preserve the British Columbian rainforest, each one of these women is part of the fabric of contemporary Canadian society. This project subverts labels and false associations, counters incorrect narratives around voicelessness and lack of agency, and shows women who are in control of their lives.”

To learn more about this series, you’ll want to check out our interview with Alia Youssef coming up in our October/November issue!


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