Reminder: The Sisters Project

by Photo Life

Fatima, 2018. @ Alia Youssef

If you haven’t seen it yet, Ryerson Image Centre in Toronto is presenting Alia Youssef’s The Sisters Project through October 14. The artist started this series as a way to show more diversity than “certain representations of what it means to be Muslim” that she was seeing in the media. She explained, “These images repeatedly depict a voiceless, demure, oppressed woman who is a victim of her patriarchal religion—a sad-looking veiled woman who needs to be ‘saved.’ I knew this wasn’t my reality, and it certainly wasn’t the reality of my mother, my sisters, or the women around me.” To learn more about this series and the artist’s work, check out our interview with Alia Youssef in the October/November issue of Photo Life.

Faye, 2018. @ Alia Youssef

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