Our December/January Issue

by Photo Life

Our December/January 2019 Issue

In the December/January issue, you won’t want to miss Cynthia Haynes’ profile on conservation photographer Cristina Mittermeier. Ingrid Forster delivers an in-depth look at daguerrotypes, their history and new scientific advances in the field. We have interviews with industrial-landscape photographer Edward Burtynsky and wet-plate-collodion specialist Kali Spitzer, as well as reviews of the Nik Collection 2018 and Nikon Z7, and all our regular features.

It’s an amazing issue, and we’re excited to share it with you. The cover shows a stunning image by conservation photographer Cristina Mittermeier. When I read the intro of Cynthia Haynes’ interview with the photographer—”Embracing Enoughness: Cristina Mittermeier’s Journey to the Intersection of Nature and People”—I knew it was going to be good. Really good. I’m pretty sure I paused and reread it just to sit with the idea a minute before continuing. Here’s that intro:

“She’s come face-to-face with apex predators, tackled public speaking on the world stage, and journeyed into realms primarily explored by—and associated with—men. But what scares Cristina Mittermeier more than anything is becoming the most mediocre version of herself.”
—Cynthia Haynes in “Embracing Enoughness: Cristina Mittermeier’s Journey to the Intersection of Nature and People”

The idea of being scared of becoming the most mediocre version of oneself got my attention right away, pulling me straight into the article—and raising me expectations for what I was about to read. And it did not disappoint! We hope you enjoy this interview and all the other incredible articles in this issue.

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