Gallery 44: CameraLinks and Salon 44

by Photo Life

© Lee Henderson , “A CHAIN ASSISTED PATH GOES 1/3 the way down the West end of the gorge next to DEVIL’S CATARACT LOOKING AT FINAL PLUNGE (APR 7 1 A5 Kodachrome Transparency)”, 2016

Salon 44
From March 8 through 16, Gallery 44 is presenting Salon 44, its annual fundraising exhibition with work by more than 100 Canadian artists. Participating artists are: Sally Ayre, Lise Beaudry, Nadia Belerique, Ali Bosworth, Kotama Bouabane, Sandra Brewster, Marco Buonocore, Edward Burtynsky, Robert Canali, Eric Chengyang, Aleesa Cohene, Sarah Comfort, Carole Condé and Karl Beveridge, Stine Danielle, David Drake, Lelia Fatemi, Katelyn Gallucci, Eric Garsonnin, Randy Grskovic, Joseph Hartmen, Xin He, Lee Henderson, April Hickox, Jim Hurtubise, Lili Huston-Herterich, Anique Jordan, Laurie Kang, Ruth Kaplan, Alex Kisilevich, Jackson Klie, Luther Konadu, Zile Liepins, Tyler Los Jones, Morris Lum, Fred Lum, Alvin Luong, Mariam Magsi, Virginia Mak, Fraser McCallum, Greg McCarthy,  Monica Moraru, Jennifer Murphy, Ebti Nabag, Alicia Nauta, Brittany Nickerson, Shelley Niro, Susy Oliveira, Juan Oritz-Apuy, Steve Payne, Michele Pearson Clarke, Celia Perrin Sidarous, Nam Phi Dang, Alison Postma, Janne Reuss, Darren Rigo, Aaron Robert Moore, Shelley Niro, Camille Rojas, Talia Shipman, Mark Sommerfeld, Brian St. Denis, Natta Summerky, Blair Swann, Jessica Thalmann, Shelley Wildeman, Shellie Zhang and many more.

From February 13 through 24, Gallery 44 is hosting CameraLinks2019, its annual non-competitive exhibition for elementary- and secondary-school students from the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. Gallery 44 receives about 200 submissions for approximately 20 schools. This year’s theme is Looking Forward.

Heroes © Aditya Naithani, Miliken Mills High School.

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