Our February/March Issue!

by Photo Life

Our February/March issue is overflowing with incredible articles. Photojournalist Amber Bracken addresses the growing frequency of photographers taking charge of the written narratives accompanying their images, and Dave Brosha talks about the power of “photographing local” and telling the stories in our own backyard. Michael Ernest Sweet delves into instant photography, and Guy Langevin explores the benefits of photo-themed discussion groups. There are interviews with Yannick Anton on nontraditional family photography and with Shelley Niro, the winner of the 2017 Scotiabank Photography Award—and much more!

As I flip through this issue, I’m particularly struck by the beautiful mix of styles, approaches, and artists within its pages. It makes me think of something Jean-Yves said in our article on photography discussion groups:

“There are five of us in the group: five people, each with a journey, a vision, tastes and a different relationship to the photographic art form. One of the biggest strengths of the group is its ability to understand that photography is an art and to grasp its subjective nature. Through our meetings, we’re trying to deepen our knowledge of this discipline, other photographers, and the various forms that photography can take. So in our group, there’s no judgement, no competition, and no distrust. There’s only the simple joy of sharing a passion, of trying to study and learn more about it, each at our own rhythm with this group of friends.”

That sounds a lot like how we like to think about the Photo Life community. We all enjoy different types of photography and do it for different reasons, but we aim to create a space that welcomes all people who love photography and get a kick out of new discoveries. Like Jean-Yves and other members of the photo discussion group, we hope you feel encouraged knowing others share your passion and are also trying to learn more and deepen their experience with photography.

We know we feel inspired when we hear from you about what you’re working on, what you love about photography, or your thoughts on an article. Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us! And thank you especially to our subscribers—your long-term support plays a huge role in making what we do possible! If you’re not already a subscriber (or if you need to renew), now’s the perfect time to do that! You’ll save up to 50% off the newsstand price, get free access to the digital archives and support a small independent Canadian magazine!

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