Rojekê, One Day

by Photo Life

© Zaynê Akyol

Presented at Espace Mile End in Montreal through February 25, Rojekê, One Day is a photo exhibition by photographer and filmmaker Zaynê Akyol about the day-to-day lives of female Kurdish fighters of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), fighting for the independence of their people. These pictures were taken in the Qandil Mountains (the PKK headquarters) as well as in the towns of Makhmur and Kirkuk. The goal of these wartime images is to intercept loaded looks that exist for only an instant, to immortalize them by capturing their emotion. In addition, the series allows these rebel fighters the opportunity to tell their stories by sharing with viewers their daily experiences as they fight for their beliefs and values. Zaynê Akyol is also the director of Gulîstan, Land of Roses, a documentary film that exposes the hidden feminist face of this revolutionary group united by a common vision of freedom.

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