The Inaugural Issue of Photo Life Lab: The Gear Issue

by Photo Life

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We’re happy to share that we’ve launched a new photo magazine: Photo Life Lab! It’s a special-edition series that allows us to delve deep into a particular subject and focus a whole issue on it—something that’s a little harder to do in a traditional magazine format. For this first inaugural Spring/Summer issue, we decided to focus on gear. Later issues will be dedicated to other subjects that we think will interest you.

In this first issue, we looked at how to choose a camera, lenses and gear. We wanted to demystify the process of researching and buying new equipment (and help explain what all those letters and numbers are on lenses!). These articles and fourteen camera reviews will guide you as you consider which equipment best meets your needs.

Photo Life Lab is sold at most major magazine newsstands across Canada. You can purchase print copies by ordering online here or by calling our subscription office at 1-800-461-7468.

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