Why You Should Enter The World We Live In by March 24

by Photo Life

Paul Zizka, Grand-Prize winner, TWWLI VII

Our 8th edition of The World We Live In photo contest is open through March 24, 2019. This year is a collaboration with La Maison Simons, and the theme is Celebrate Life. If you haven’t yet submitted, we wanted to share some reasons why The World We Live In is such great opportunity for Canadian and U.S. photographers of all levels!

Here are 10 reasons why you should enter The World We Live In photo contest.

10. Having a specific theme can give you ideas for new images you’d like to shoot. This year the theme’s Celebrate Life.
9. It’s a great reason to send some of your images out into the world and share them with people you don’t know!
8. You’ve been needing some motivation go through your archive to cull, analyze and edit your photos anyway.
7. It can be really helpful to your artistic growth to take a step back and reflect on your work in a different way.
6. It’s a chance to see how your work will be evaluated by professionals in the photo industry.
5. Receiving recognition for your photos is incredibly encouraging.
4. There are cash prizes for the top three photographers—1st place ($1000), 2nd place ($600) and 3rd place ($300)—and honourable mentions.
3. Photographers keep their copyright. Check out this article for more information. (Make sure you read the fine print when you enter any photo contest; many organizations use contests as a way to gain rights to images, so it’s very important to watch out for this!)
2. Your image could be published in the June/July 2019 issue of Photo Life and Photo Solution—and, of course, international press coverage could lead to exciting new opportunities!
1. Your image could be exhibited in one or more of the 15 Simons stores across Canada for approximately six weeks and be for sale on Fabrique 1840 (all profit associated with these sales will go to the photographer).

So why not take the chance and enter this year? We can’t wait to see your images! For more details and to participate visit photolife.com/twwli.

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