Offbeat’s New Business of Photography Program

by Photo Life

Photo courtesy of OFFBEAT Mentors: (L to R) Viktoria Haack, Dave Brosha, Lanny Mann, Erika Jensen-Man, John E. Marriott and Paul Zizka.

OFFBEAT photo community has launched an online program for photographers who want to start earning money from their images. The program offers 15 hours of video content from Canadian photographers Viktoria Haack, Dave Brosha, Lanny Mann, Erika Jensen-Mann, John E. Marriott and Paul Zizka. Topics addressed include operations and administration, marketing, income generation, client relations, creativity, and work/life balance. There are “ask a mentor” and round-table discussions, along with other resources, book recommendations and downloads. The program is self-paced, allowing you to move through the 30+ modules as your schedule allows.

Conceptual photographer Joel Robison said, “The Business of Photography is a game-changer, providing easy-to-understand lessons, by world-renowned photographers, in a format that is simple to follow, but powerful in the quality of information shared. The lesson plans work through all the bare-bones of setting up a successful photography business and the honest stories, tips, advice, and guidance provided by the instructors make it even more motivating and accessible. This course is a must for any photographer that is looking to push themselves to be a more successful creative!”

For more detailed course information and learn about the program mentors, visit

Get unlimited access for $295 CDN. Readers can use the code PHOTOBUSINESS50 save $50 off the course price.

The Business of Photography from OFFBEAT on Vimeo.

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