Griffintown—Evolving Montreal

by Photo Life

© Robert Walker

The McCord Museum in Montreal is presenting Robert Walker’s Griffintown—Evolving Montreal from February 7 through August 9. Commissioned by the McCord Museum as a part of its new Evolving Montreal series, Walker documented the Griffintown area of Montreal from 2018 to 2019. One of the city’s oldest districts, the neighbourhood is being transformed through a large urban-development project.

A display of twenty large-format photographs, supplemented by a projection of a hundred or so others, along with historical pictures of the neighbourhood drawn from the Museum’s collection, is designed to make viewers think about the tension between the rapid gentrification of Griffintown and the preservation of its heritage. The exhibition is an invitation to reflect on urban transformation and how we relate to Montreal’s past.

Evolving Montreal
With the exhibition Griffintown as seen by Robert Walker, the McCord Museum is launching its new program of photographic commissions titled Evolving Montreal. To document Montreal’s ongoing urban transformation, in the next few years the Museum will be commissioning well-known local photographers to explore the changes occurring in a neighbourhood of their choice.

© Robert Walker


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