Emmanuelle’s Take on the Current Issue: April/May 2020

by Photo Life

I love photography. I like photos that say something, ones that move me and make me think. And I especially enjoy learning about the process behind an image. But I’ll confess: I’m not so technically inclined. But that doesn’t keep me from doing interviews, writing articles, or going through texts with a fine-tooth comb to find any mischievous typos that might have snuck in.

In the April/May issue, I really enjoyed Laurence Butet-Roch’s article on the Far North Photo Festival—an annual event with a focus on photographers from Northern regions. She talked to festival co-founder Pat Kane, who invites us to take a deeper look at these regions and those who live there.

I also learned about the work of Raymonde April, an inspiring woman who chose photography as her artistic language and who now teaches a university course that wasn’t available to her when she was a student.

Even though our magazines talk about photography, I’ve always felt that the content “translates” to other fields as well. That’s certainly the case with Curtis Jones’ article on his journey to becoming a freelancer and Amy Romer’s advice on making the jump to working for yourself.

And, last but not least, I knew nothing at all about freelensing, and Erin Falkenham’s great article and fantastic photos were the perfect introduction!

I hope you enjoy this issue as much as I did!

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