Online exhibition with Capture Photography Festival

by Photo Life

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations had to adjust to how we access and experience that which brings us joy and inspiration – including our annual arts festivals. After all, if we’re not able to celebrate in person, we certainly can share art online!

Consequently, Arts Umbrella provides online access to a new photography exhibition created by their students entitled Location; Past, Present and Future, as part of the public art program at Capture Photography Festival, Vancouver’s annual lens-based art festival, which runs for the month of April.

Students in the summer Photography Intensive were challenged to respond to the ever-changing Metro Vancouver and create work that reflected their idea of past, present, and the future of their home.

Students explored a range of techniques and ideas that focused on contrast, layering, and digital alteration in preparation for their Capture Photography Festival exhibition “Location; Past, Present, and Future” at the Olympic Village Skytrain Station..

Exhibition Dates and Location

Name: Location: Past, Present and Future
Where: Right here
Dates: April 4–25, 2020
Exhibiting Artists: Avi Maru / Evan Muir / Matisse Wenban / Sam Tortell / Slater Biln / & nbsp
Lead Artists: Kristen Roos / Leah Perry
Curators: Roxanne Gagnon / Jocelyn Sanchez

About Arts Umbrella

Arts Umbrella is a non-profit centre for arts education where young artists ages 2–22 cultivate their creativity in Dance, Theatre, and Art & Design. Arts Umbrella has four locations in Vancouver and Surrey, as well as donor-funded programs at schools, community centres, neighbourhood houses, and healthcare facilities across Metro Vancouver.

About Capture Photography Festival

Each April, photography and lens-based art is exhibited at dozens of galleries and other venues throughout Metro Vancouver as part of the Exhibition Program, alongside an extensive Public Art Program, a youth-oriented Learning Program, and an Events Program that spans tours, films, artist talks, and community events. Launched in 2013, the annual not-for-profit Capture Photography Festival is Western Canada’s largest lens-based art festival.

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