Mission Accomplished!

by Photo Life

Dear readers,

This strange season is not yet over, but it feels a bit sunnier out there since we’ve sent our June/July issue to the printer! It might not be as spectacular as SpaceX’s first astronaut launch, but it certainly feels like a great accomplishment to us.

It was not an easy production process, but we made it and we’re super proud of this edition. Of course, each time a magazine comes out, we’re thrilled when we can finally hold it in our hands, but, as you can imagine, working on a magazine while going through a pandemic is, well, a totally different thing.

So we’d like to take a moment and thank everyone who is supporting us in these troubled times. First and foremost, you, our readers. You are truly the wind beneath our wings (and now you have that song in your head too…you’re welcome!). We also are incredibly thankful to the partners that have stayed on the boat with us through this storm, to our suppliers for their flexibility and resilience, and to everyone who helped us in the process of making this magazine (Catherine and Michel, you are wonderful!). Thank you all so much.

So, dear subscribers, you should receive your copy in the mail in a few weeks. If April/May was the last issue of your subscription, make sure to renew before June 7. For those of you who were buying your copies on newsstands, your best option while points of sale may be closed is to pre-order your copy online through our website. But, of course, subscribing is probably the simplest way to keep getting the issues since they’ll be delivered right to your mailbox! If you’d like your subscription to start with this June/July issue, make sure to subscribe by June 7.

Wishing you all easier summer months than these last ones. As we say in Quebec, “Ça va bien aller!”

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