Sending Love with Photo Canvas Prints from

by Photo Life

Over the last couple of months we’ve been reminded that the benefits of online services go far beyond ordering takeaways or bingeing on your favourite streaming platform. But during the recent global health crisis it’s become clear that shopping online can also benefit the happiness and well-being of our loved ones. The photo-printing experts at explain how.

Big Surge in “We’re Thinking of You” Gifts
People have always ordered a lot of photo gifts during the holiday season. These personalized gifts don’t only make original and touching gift solutions, they also spare you the hassle of shopping on the high street.

These qualities also make products such as photo canvas prints a perfect choice when time is tight and you’ve got a lot of people to buy for. And the last few months have brought a new benefit to the fore.

The option to place an order remotely and have your gift sent straight to the recipient makes photo prints from ideal at times when face-to-face interaction is risky.

As comments on the social-media channels demonstrate, in times of adversity hardly anything touches the heart like a photo reminding you of life’s most precious moments.

Why Photos Work So Well
Nothing quite beats holding a physical picture of a cherished moment. A great photo can seem to bring the moment back to life, renewing all the emotions that we felt the first time — and perhaps making us think of better times to come.

Words can be powerful when we want to express love and affection, but there’s a reason why the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is still heard so often.

At a time when grandparents can’t visit their grandkids, and video calls have replaced social visits, a photo reminder of precious times spent together helps us keep going through the hard times.

What We Can Learn from the Experience
The majority of the photo prints ordered from during the lockdown period have featured moments that capture the joy of being together with loved ones. Perhaps there’s some truth in the idea that we only see the true value of things once they’re taken away from us.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “when things are back to normal” once or twice over the last couple of months. Perhaps before we settle back into our old ways, we should all think about how we’ve approached relationships with our friends and family. Have we taken them for granted? It’s worth remembering that they deserve our attention and care in good times and bad.

Feel like now’s the perfect time to remind a loved one of a wonderful moment you’ve experienced? Order photo canvas prints and enter BESTPHOTOCANVAS15 at checkout to get 15% OFF all formats available on the website!

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