You Enjoyed the Free PDF Issues? Here’s Another!

by Photo Life

If you’re a Photo Life reader, you already know that each issue is carefully curated and crafted to include content that we’re passionate about and that is worth the glossy pages it’s printed on. And part of our work as a publisher is to share the talent of these featured photographers and writers with as many readers as possible.

To make sure that the April/May 2020 issue is seen and read by more people than what COVID-19 has allowed these last few atypical months, we’re now offering a free PDF version to download and share. You can also buy the print version of this issue or subscribe, and your purchase will help support a small independent magazine and its community (thank you!!!).

April/May 2020
If you are looking for creative project ideas, there’s a how-to on using freelensing and creative blur to communicate mood. We’ve got the story of one photographer’s journey to becoming a freelance photographer, and 15 practical tips for taking the leap yourself. Plus, there’s an article on the Far North Photo Festival, an interview with Raymonde April, tricks of the trade, and more!

Since you love our content, we’re pretty sure that you know at least one person who would also appreciate it, so don’t hesitate to share the PDF (using this link: and put in a good word for us! Thank you for helping us spread the news about Photo Life!

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