Greg Girard Mixed Use: Extended to September 5

by Photo Life

The Monte Clark Gallery in Vancouver is presenting the online exhibition Greg Girard Mixed Use until September 5. Visit to see all 19 works included in the exhibition.

“…Looking back at some of Girard’s earliest works, created when he was a teenager photographing Vancouver, and followed by his first years living in and traveling around Asia, his strong sense of capturing colour and light is already present. These early works, essentially unseen for decades and only published long after he had achieved international acclaim, remain fascinating as a study of his prolific and formative years. In a way, the early works are now records or documents by default, dated in a way particular to photography and film when clothes, cars, hair styles and the urban fabric form a part of the content. When shown now with his later works, we see how perfectly they fit into his individual and brilliant ability to document the world.”

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