A Chance to Replenish

by Photo Life

We don’t know about you, but—as much as we’re thankful for all the good things the Internet has to offer and how it can help us stay connected to each other—our appreciation for reading things on paper and stepping away from screens has only deepened over this past year. And we don’t think we’re alone in this feeling.

If you have loved ones who appreciate photography, why not offer them a gift subscription to Photo Life? It’s like bottling up a mini creative photo retreat into a magazine that arrives in their mailbox six times a year*. Whether they dive into it, reading it cover to cover, or they choose to savour it over a more prolonged time, they’ll be able to find inspiration and thought-provoking content in its pages, issue after issue.

If you buy a gift subscription now, it will start with the March issue, but you can add on the January issue (available now for pre-order) to give the lucky recipient something to read in the meantime. We can’t guarantee that we can get the January issue to them in time for Christmas (due to uncertain postal delivery times), but it’s still possible! And we can even throw in a Holiday card with a word from you or you can download our cute downloadable and printable card and offer it yourself!

* We have digital-only subscriptions available too!

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