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Photo Life April/May 2020

 If you are looking for creative project ideas, there’s a how-to on using freelensing and creative blur to communicate mood. We’ve got the story of one photographer’s journey to becoming a freelance photographer, and 15 practical tips for taking the leap yourself. Plus, there’s an article on the Far North Photo Festival, an interview with Raymonde April, tricks of the trade, and more!

Photo Life February/March 2020

With this issue, we’re tackling some less-talked about topics: doubt and the hard side of a career in photography. We also have an article on Canadian-Nigerian artist Liz Ikiriko and her project Flags of Unsung Countries and an interview with Michael Benson about his out-of this-world landscapes of the solar system.The book lovers among you will be delighted by Michael Ernest Sweet’s take on collecting photo books. Whatever your motive, this article will help you build a well-curated collection. And, of course, you’ll find Dave Brosha’s tricks of the trade, new products and more! 

Photo Life December/January 2020

In this issue, Amber Bracken reconsiders 11 classic photojournalism rules for creating compelling photo essays; Michael Ernest Sweet shares about the joys of using lo-fi techniques; Patrick La Roque offers a look at the impact of privacy laws on street photographers; we have interviews with Governor General’s Award winner Marlene Creates and photojournalist Chris Donovan; plus there’s Dave Brosha’s tricks of the trade, new products and more!

Photo Life October/November 2019

In this issue, we have tips on avoiding and recovering from rejection, and we explore how a minimalist approach can strengthen composition and enhance mood. Photojournalist David Himbert reflects on his work and the importance of responsibility in photojournalism. You’ll also want to check out our interview with Governor General’s Award winner Jeff Thomas, our article on portraitist and community-builder May Truong, and our review of the new Profoto C1 and C1 Plus.

Photo Life August/September 2019

Our August/September issue is overflowing with great articles! You’ll be inspired by the story of 98-year-old photographer Thelma Pepper, and you’ll be craving pizza after reading our photographer’s guide to getting the best shots in New York City. There are tips for strengthening your images in familiar locations, an interview with jazz concert photographer Bill King, an article on Paul Seesequasis’ photo project showcasing Indigenous life, and much more!