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Impermanence by Renaud Philippe


Artist self published book. 84 pages. Photographs: Renaud Philippe. Design: Criterium. Editorial direction: Cyane Tremblay. Poetic suite (French): Vanessa Bell

“Bangkok, 5259 people per square kilometre. A metropolis crumbling under its own weight, a concrete mass sinking into the earth at a rate of 2 to 5 centimetres a year. Concrete for a city teeming with life. Eight and a half million people are sinking into the earth.

Water is encroaching on the flood plain; water is making its way toward the city. The most pessimistic scenarios predict that certain parts of the capital could be submerged as early as 2030 if nothing is done to save the city. The ‘impregnable city of the god Indra’ is about to be conquered. A temple-turned-island. Stairways to the ocean. Everything is ephemeral.”

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