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Most photographs published in Photo Life are published as a part of an article. If you would like to send us a submission, please include a detailed outline of the proposed article and the photographs that would accompany it. Articles are generally around 1200 words.

We are looking for writers and photographers who let their voice come through in their work. Avoid generic writing and an overly formal style; don’t hide your personality and what makes you unique! All material should be revised before submission.

Technical requirements: All outlines and text should be sent in Microsoft Word or in the body of the email. Images should be 300 dpi for a minimum final print size of approx. 8 x 10 inches. Submit high-resolution photos as JPEGs (RGB or CMYK). All submissions should be sent via email to

For some more advice, we invite you to read this article by Masthead Magazine on how to pitch articles to magazines.

We cannot guarantee the publication of articles. For more information, contact us at


Owner of copyright retains all copyright on any photo submitted to Photo Life and Photo Solution magazines, their websites and newsletters. Apex Publications (2017) Inc. reserves one-time, non-exclusive publication rights on images in its magazines and electronic medias upon agreement with the owner of copyright. All photos will be credited to the photographer.

Apex Publications (2017) Inc. assumes no responsibility for the loss or damage of any solicited or unsolicited material submitted to the magazine for possible publication or otherwise. All rights for publication, reproduction, and cropping of images as well as moral rights of all submitted works are assigned to Apex Publications (2017) Inc. for one-time publication anywhere in its magazines or websites, with exception to a written prearranged agreement between the Editor and the author. Previously published articles will not be accepted for publication. Upon publication in one of the magazines, the author guarantees that the same article will not appear in any other magazine for one full year. In the case of photographic work where an individual is recognizable, Apex Publications (2017) Inc. is not responsible for obtaining, on her/his part, written authorization for publication; this responsibility rests with the author of the photographs. Apex Publications (2017) Inc. accepts no proposals, stipulations or conditions enclosed in delivery memos or in any correspondence to the same effect. For return purposes, a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage to cover all return fees must accompany all material submitted by mail. Otherwise, the submitted work will become the property of Apex Publications (2017) Inc. one year following its receipt. Forwarding of any material to Apex Publications (2017) Inc. amounts to express consent to the above conditions.